Microsoft will charge Windows 7 users a monthly fee


Prepare to upgrade to Windows 10 or pay a fee.  Microsoft will be ending extended support for the  Windows 7 operating system.  In a recent blog post entitled "Helping customers shift to a modern desktop",  Microsoft has announced that it will begin charging Windows 7 users a fee beginning January 14, 2020.  Like any other software in its end-of life stage,  security patches and updates will no longer be provided.  Thus, leaving end users wide open to any and every new security threat that arises (a hacker's dream).  Many companies are hesitant to move due to software compatibility issues, or they simply don't want to deal with the learning curve or training requirements of the Windows 10 Operating system.  While not wanting to move is understandable, it is important that you get started on weighing your options.  For more on planning and implementing your move to Windows 10 contact us.



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